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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Cruising Into The New School Year

Is it just me . . . or does it feel like as soon as July 4th is over our relaxing summer break seems to just fly by.  Before we know it we are getting emails with PD schedules and starting to make lists of all the things we need to do to be ready for the first day of school.  And for librarians like me, that means you have to really buckle down and hold on tight because you've still got a pretty big pile of books that you had planned to read this summer.

So, now that we are all buckled in and cruising to the start of the new school year I wanted to share a few bulletin board displays that I have created.  Hopefully this will take a little stress off some of  you who are wondering what you are going to put up to fill the empty space in your library.  

Each one of these bulletin board displays can be printed in color or there is a black and white option.  The black and white option allows you to choose the color you want for the letters.  I always print my letters on cardstock - laminate the pages - then cut them out.  This ensures that they are durable and able to be used again in the future. 

 I typically cover all of my boards with black fabric because I like the letters to really POP!

For your convenience each image is linked to my TpT store.