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Thursday, January 25, 2024



Do you struggle to get students to check out different types of books when they visit the library? If so, this new unit I designed is for you and me. Let's face it, we all get in a rut and tend to check out the same things. I'm guilty of it myself. I'm at the point in the year though where I need kids reading more than just Dog Man and Babysitters Club.

Included in this new Book BINGO {library edition} unit is everything you need to get kids reading a variety of books and to create a fun and colorful BOOK BINGO display in your classroom or library. 

Here's a peek at my library . . . as soon as I started hanging it up kids were asking questions and already planning which spaces they were going to cover on their BINGO board.

I created this unit with the intent of introducing it on Monday, January 29th and using it  throughout the month of February. Students will check out & read books based on the squares they are trying to cover to get a BINGO. Prizes will be awarded to students who participate.

They MUST have the titles they read recorded on the back of their record sheet to win a prize.

There are two versions of BINGO boards and accompanying worksheets and pieces for your bulletin board (as shown in the picture) included in this download.

Version #1 was made with readers in 3rd-6th grade in mind. {pages 9-37}

Version #2 is a little more basic and was made for readers in KDG-2nd grade.

The boy and girl posters are not included in my unit.

If you would like to add them to your display here are the step by step directions:

STEP 1: 

Click here to head over to TpT and puchase this darling set of clipart.

STEP 2: 

Open up a new Publisher document and click on "PAGE DESIGN". 

Scroll down to the bottom and click on "CREATE NEW PAGE SIZE".

You can then choose the size of image you want. 

I went with 16" x 40" to fit my desired space.

Next you will add your desired clipart to the new page. 

I choose to crop mine because I wanted it to butt up to the edge of my bulletin board border.

Once you have your images they way you want them simply hit print.

The image will print in a multipage format. This will require you to get out some
 scissors and glue and piece it together before laminating it or mounting in on your display.

I know it's some extra work . . . but I really think it makes the display "POP"!!!

Happy Reading!!!