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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Readers Among Us

It's Scholastic Book Fair Time!!! 


I have received several questions so I thought I would devote an entire post on how I plan, create and get my Scholastic Book Fair ready to go!

Step 1:  Choose A Theme

I always try to come up with a theme that I think will get my students excited. This year I decided to go with Readers Among Us . . . because what elementary kiddos don't love Among Us Crewmates and Imposters?  It also tied in perfectly because there is a book called The Imposters Guide to Among Us featured in the Book Fair Student Flyer.

Once I had my theme picked out I started looking for clipart.  I found this basic set of crewmates clipart on TpT from Miss Tizzy's shop.  

Step 2:  Decorate

Then I set to work creating and decorating the entrance into my library.  Here is what the display looks like that I have covering the windows in the hallway.  You can't even begin to imagine all the excitement when the kid saw it for the first time.  They were flipping out!!!

To get the large crewmates I simply enlarged the clipart to fit a 24"x36" page using Publisher.  To do this all you have to do is open a new document and choose Page Design.  Then go change the width to 24" and the height to 36".

Next, insert the clipart and stretch it to fit the page.

When you print you will choose the tiled option.

Finally, you will just have to piece the pages together.  I'm not going to lie . . . this does take some time and patience.  But, when you are done and you have laminated and cut out the characters it will be worth the trouble!!!

Now that the characters are done it's time to make the letters.  I usually do this one of two ways.  Sometimes I use my Cricut to cut out the letters or I create the letters using WordArt in Publisher.  I always laminate the pages before I cut them out so they can be used again in the future.

Click {here} to download a complimentary set of the letters used in this display.

Step 3:  Create Excitement in the Library

Last week when students visited the library for their 30 minute lesson we watched the Book Fair Preview Video and discussed specific details about how the Book Fair would be run this year.  Thankfully, parents were given the option to attend conference in person or virtually.  For those attending in person (which seems to be the majority) they will do their shopping on Thursday before or after their child's scheduled conference.  For those attending virtually, their child can bring money to school and shop on Wednesday.

I also created an activity sheets for students to work on after the Book Preview Video.  

The one for K-1 students was pretty basic.  I told them it was an invitation for them to take home to their parents.  They worked really hard to color the front neatly.

The activity sheet I created for my 2nd - 4th grade students had a little bit more to it.  I had them begin by answering the 7 questions on the back.  All of the answers could be found in their Book Fair Flyer.

My students all come an additional 30 minutes each week to check out.  During that time they had the choice to read quietly on their assigned bean bag chair -or- color an Among Us character themed bookmark that I found for FREE on TpT.

Click {here} to download your FREE set.

Step 4:  Set Up the Book Fair

This is by far my favorite, but also the hardest part of the Book Fair.  With the help of my two aides we got everything set up on Friday.  We are lucky not have students on Fridays this year so we closed the library for the day and got to work.  I can't wait for the kids to come in tomorrow and see it!!!!

Step 5:  Book Fair Preview & Wishlist

Once I have my Book Fair set up it's time to let the kids preview everything.  My first year the Scholastic rep encouraged me to let the kids pick items up, look through the books, etc . . . so that is exactly what I let them do.  We do talk about taking care of the books because no one would want to buy one that looked used.  

I also let my students create a Wish List to take home.  

For the 2nd - 4th graders they can do this independently by writing down the title and price of the items they want.  

For the K-1 kiddos we let them pretend shop.  They get to pick 5 items and then they bring them to us and we scan them using the Scholastic Register {in training mode}.  We then print their receipt and attach it to a note.  Then students have to go put their items back where they got them.  They absolutely LOVE doing this!!!

Step 6:  Shopping & Book Bucks

Instead of having teachers create Wish Lists or pull books they would like to have for their classroom I sell Book Bucks to parents.  They have the option at check-out to purchase Book Bucks for their child's teacher.  They are available in a variety of denominations.  We ring them up as Gift Certificates and students fill out the Book Bucks to add to their teacher's pocket on my bulletin board.  

 I copy each denomination on a different color of paper.

Click {here} to download a copy.