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Friday, June 10, 2022

HOW TO - Creating Sublocations in Destiny

I have received several emails from people wanting to get more information about how I created sublocations for books once I {sort of} ditched Dewey and reorganized my nonfiction sections into subjects. So, I will do my best to try to walk you through it step by step.

STEP 1: Locate the book in Destiny by scanning the barcode and click on {AVAILABLE} in the Status Column.

STEP 2: Click on {EDIT COPY}

STEP 3: Scroll down until you come to the sublocation heading and click on {OTHER}

You will have to do this for the first book in any new sublocation. This allows you to create the sublocation name. Once you have done this, you should be able to just search for the sublocation by clicking on the down arrow by the {SUBLOCATION HEADING BOX}.

STEP 4: Add the title of the sublocation and click on {SAVE}.

STEP 5: Click on {SAVE COPY] if you see the correct sublocation listed.

Now when students are searching for a book they want to check-out using Destiny Discover here is what they will see. Notice that under the Call Number they can also see the Sublocation.

I opted to just leave the Call Numbers as is. I did not add any additional stickers or labels to any of the books that I put into new sublocations. I am fortunate to have TWO full time library aids that do all of my shelving. They played an active role in helping me with this HUGE project. They didn't think shelving books in the new locations would be an issue.

Hopefully that was all as clear as mud . . . lol! Learning to navigate and use Destiny is still a work in progress for me. A lot of times I figure things out by trial and error.

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