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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Extreme Makeover - Shelf Edition

I finally found time to tackle a project that has been on my TO DO LIST for the past three years. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get it. 

After completing our end of the year inventory and weeding several titles from the collection, I gave my EASY - NONFICTION section a complete makeover.

I started by ordering 25 of {these}buckets from Walmart.  They are heavy duty and fairly wide so they worked perfectly for the oversized books.

Next, I set to work dividing books into preliminary categories. I will admit, this part probably took the longest. As you can see there were some random titles that didn't really fit into any specific categories so I left them on the top shelf and just kept them organized by their call numbers.

It was important to me that everything be kept organized in Destiny so I created sublocations for each category and updated the title info. This alone was a BIG project . . . but I think it will be helpful in the long run when students/teachers are trying to locate a specific book. 

Once I had all of my category names I started making labels for the buckets. I went ahead and put labels on 2 sides of each bucket. This will allow me flexibility on which direction the buckets can go on the shelves.

I don't have the labels available yet in my TpT store . . . but they will be coming soon. I used so much clipart making them that it's going to take some time to get all of that info put together so I can give the creators of it acknowledgements.

Next, I set to work on making the shelf dividers.

There were several series of books that I recently purchased that I didn't want to separate quite yet so I kept them together and made individual labels for them. In the picture above you can see what I'm referring to.

I was so happy with how this section of my library turned out that decided I couldn't stop there . . . so I started making more shelf markers for my Fiction sections.

All of this is available in the newest addition to my TpT store.

 Click {here} to see everything you need to give your library shelves an extreme makeover just like I did.

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